Why You Should Hire a Trademark Attorney

Hiring a trademark attorney is the best way to ensure that your trademark receives the broadest protection under the law.

In a recent study at the University Of North Carolina School Of Law, researchers studied whether retaining a trademark attorney to file a trademark application made any meaningful difference in the outcome. Essentially, the study answered the question is it worth the money to hire a trademark attorney?

Researchers looked at data between 1985 and 2010 and the results were clear: a trademark filed by a non-attorney had a 57 percent chance of publication, while a trademark filed by an attorney had an 83 percent success rate.

So what led to these study results? Basically, it comes down to the experience and training a trademark attorney brings to the table. Because trademark attorneys work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) daily, a trademark attorney will know precisely what roadblocks could hold up a trademark application. This not only guarantees that your application is processed as expeditiously as possible, but helps to avoid any office actions the government may file which delay a trademark application.

The experience of a trademark attorney helps the process go smoothly, but training is what matters the most. Trademark attorneys file trademarks using specific language which ensures the trademark receives the broadest possible protection under the law. Every word really matters in a trademark application.

So although hiring a trademark attorney costs more than doing it yourself, it helps to ensure that your trademark application not only obtains registration from the government, but that the trademark receives the broadest possible protection under the law. In addition, it helps prevent you from costly trademark infringement or from spending money on expensive government filing fees for a trademark that will not receive registration. Visit Gerben Law Firm, PLLC Today!